Underground Utilities

Grand Junction Pipe and Supply Company carries the largest inventory of pipe, fittings, valves, geotextiles, and accessories for water, sewer, drainage, and irrigation systems between Denver and Salt Lake City. We distribute high quality products from the most respected manufacturers in the industry.

A.Y. McDonald Mfg. Co. http://www.aymcdonald.com/en-US/home.html Waterworks brass and plumbing valves
Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc. http://www.ads-pipe.com/en/ Drainage pipe, fittings and Nyloplast structures
Bermad http://www.bermad.com/usa/ Waterworks control solutions
Big R Manufacturing & Distribution, Inc. http://www.bigrbridge.com/en/home/default.aspx Corrugated metal culvert
Cla-Val Company http://www.cla-val.com/ Automatic control valves
Containment Solutions http://www.containmentsolutions.com/ Fiberglass below ground water storage tanks
Contech construction products http://www.conteches.com/ Drainage products and storm water solutions
Copper State Bolt & Nut Company https://www.copperstate.com/ Fasteners nuts and bolts
Custom Fab http://www.customfab.com/ Waterworks pipe fabrications
DFW Plastics, Inc. http://www.dfwplasticsinc.com/ Underground plastic enclosuers and meter pits
Diamond Plastics Corporation http://www.dpcpipe.com/ Water, sewer and irrigation pipe
EBAA Iron, Inc. http://www.ebaa.com/ Pipe restraints, flex cplgs and expansion joints
GPK Products, Inc. http://www.gpk-fargo.com/ PVC molded and fabricated fittings
Inserta Fittings Co. https://www.insertatee.com/ Lateral pipe pipe connections
IPS Corporation http://www.ipscorp.com/ Solvent cement primers and sealants
Isco Industries, LLC http://www.isco-pipe.com/en/ Poly pipe and fittings
JCM Industries http://www.jcmindustries.com/ Pipe fittings and fabrications
John C. Kupferle Foundry http://www.hydrants.com/ Flushing hydrants and sampling stations
Krausz USA, Inc. http://www.krauszusa.com/ Pipe couplings and flange adapters
Leemco, Inc. http://leemco.com/ Valves fittings and saddles
Merit Brass http://www.meritbrass.com/ Threaded brass fittings, flanges, and nipples
Multi Fittings Corporation http://www.multifittings.com/ PVC molded and fabricated fittings
Mueller Co. http://www.muellerwaterproducts.com/ Fire Hydrants, valves, service saddles, service brass
Norton Industries http://nortonclamps.com/ Clamping solutions
Noth American Specialty Products LLC http://naspecialtyproducts.com/ PVC water, sewer and irrigation pipe
Oatey SCS http://www.oatey.com/ Cherne pipe testing equipment, cements and solvents
Performance Pipe Headquarters http://www.performancepipe.com/ HDPE pipe and fittings
Plastic Trends, Inc. http://www.royalbuildingproducts.com/ PVC Pipe fittings, molded, fabricated and plumbing
Powerseal Corporation http://powerseal.com.co/powersealenglish/ Saddles, clamps and couplings
Precast Concepts http://www.precastconcepts.com/ Concrete pipe, inlets and septic tanks
Reed Manufacturing Company http://www.reedmfgco.com/en/ Pipe working tools and vises
Romac Industries http://www.romac.com/ Clamps,couplings, saddles & tapping sleeves
S.I.P Industries http://www.sipindustries.com/main/default.asp Waterworks fittings and municipal castings
Smart Ditch http://www.smartditch.com/ Ditch lining systems and water management
Smith-Blair, Inc. http://smith-blair.com/ Clamps, couplings, saddles, and tapping sleeves
Smith-Cooper International Inc. http://smithcooper.com/ Malleable iron fittings, brass fittings, and stainless steel pipe and fittings
Spears Manufacturing Company http://www.spears.com/ PVC water, irrigation, drainage valves and fittings
Specified fitting http://www.specifiedfittings.com/ PVC and HDPE pipe fittings
Star Pipe Products http://www.starpipeproducts.com/ Waterworks fittings and municipal castings
T. Christy Enterprises, Inc. http://www.tchristy.com/ Utility and pipeline accessories
Tyler Pipe Industries, Inc. http://www.tylerpipe.com/ Waterworks fittings, municipal castings, and accessories
Ward Manufacturing, Inc. http://www.wardmfg.com/ Malleable iron fittings
Zurn Industries http://www.zurn.com/ Trench drain and drainage solutions