Grand Junction Pipe and Supply Company carries the largest inventory of pipe, fittings, valves, geotextiles, and accessories for water, sewer, drainage, and irrigation systems between Denver and Salt Lake City. We distribute high quality products from the most respected manufacturers in the industry.

Agri Drain Corporation http://www.agridrain.com/ Drainage, Grates, and Drip
Aspen Earth Company http://aspenearth.com/ Wire Nuts, Glue Holders, Valve Markers, Snug Caps, Snug Covers with Baskets
Corona Clipper, Inc. http://coronatoolsusa.com/ Landscape Tools
Dawn Industries, Inc. http://www.dawnindustries.com/ Kwik Cut Tools and Accessories
Dekorra Products http://dekorraproducts.com/ Artificial Rock Enclosures, Backflow Enclosures, Pump Enclosures, Insulation Systems
Greenlee Textron, Inc. http://www.greenlee.com/ Tools, Test Instraments, Wire Cutters, Wire Crimpers
King Innovation http://www.kinginnovation.com/ Wire Connectors, Direct Bury Splice Kits, Power Cords, Crimp Tools, Irrigation Multi-Meter
Lenox http://www.lenoxtools.com/ Hack Saws & Hack Saw Blades, PVC Pipe Saws & Pipe Saw Blades, Hole Saw Blades, Utility Knives
MacLean Highline Products http://www.highlineproducts.com/ Access Boxes, HDPE Products
Midwest Rake Company, LLC http://seymourmidwest.com/en/ Hand Tools, shovels, Head Trimmers, Soil Probes, Trench Shovels
Munro Supply, Inc. http://www.munrocompanies.com/ Pumps, Pump Controls & Protection, Pump Accessories, Pressure Tanks & Accessories, Hose & Pipe Fittings
National Diversified Sales Inc. http://www.ndspro.com/ Drainage Solutions, Dry Wells, Catch Basins, Irrigation Products, Polyethylene Supply Tubing, IPS Flex Pipe, Compression Couplings, Check Valves, Unions Flex Couplings
Pacific Echo, Inc. http://pacificecho.com/ Spa Flex Hose, Spiralite Hose, Pond Flex Hose, Hose Clamps
Paige Electric Company http://www.paigeelectric.com/ Wire & Cables, Connectors and Accessories
Reed Manufacturing Company http://www.reedmfgco.com/en/ Irrigation Pipe Tools, Plastic Pipe Tools, Water Service Tools and Machines
Regency Wire & Calbe http://regencywire.com/ PVC & Polyethylene Cable, Single Conductor & Multi Conductor Wire, Lighting Cable, Decoder Cable, Cadweld, Ground Plates & Rods, Communication Cables, Ground Enhancing Materials
Seymour Midwest LLC http://seymourmidwest.com/en/ Hand Tools, shovels, Head Trimmers, Soil Probes, Trench Shovels
Tuf-Tite Corporation http://tuf-tite.com/ Septic & Drainage, Distribution Boxes, Risers & Lids, Adapters & Bases, Effluent Filters, Seals & Boots for Concrete Tanks & Boxes, Drain Liners, T Pans, Trench Pan, Drain Sumps & Area Drains w/Grates
Atlantic water gardens http://www.atlanticwatergardens.com Fountains, Spillways, Ponds, Pond Free Waterfalls, LED Lighting
FX lighting


Up Lighting, Down Lighting, Path Lights, Wall Lights, Security Lights, Power Controls and Accessories
Kichler lighting


Landscape Accent Lights, Pathway & Spread Lights, Deck & Patio Lighting, Water Lighting, Landscape Lighting & Transformers, Outdoor Landscape Accessories.
Vista Pro Lighting http://www.vistapro.com/landscape.aspx Aluminum Composite Lighting, Brass & Copper Lighting, HID Line Volt Lighting & HID Ballast Boxes. Lighting Transformers


Residential Fish Grade & Commercial Pond Liners


Cost Effective Fertilization, High Nutrient Content, Long Term Effects, Humus Formation, Soil Fertility
Hanes Companies, Inc.


Geosynthetics, Erosion Control, Sediment Control, Stormwater Products, Landscape Products
Western Landscape & Geotextiles http://www.weedbarrier.com/

Landscape Fabric, Erosion Control, Geotextiles, Reinforcement Products.

Kassco https://kascomarine.com/ Pond Aerators & Circulators