Geo Textiles

Grand Junction Pipe and Supply Company carries the largest inventory of pipe, fittings, valves, geotextiles, and accessories for water, sewer, drainage, and irrigation systems between Denver and Salt Lake City. We distribute high quality products from the most respected manufacturers in the industry.

Firestone Specialty Products http://firestonesp.com/ Pond Liners
Hanes Companies, Inc. http://hanes-products.com/ Geo Textiles
Mirafi Tencate http://www.tencate.com/amer/geosynthetics/default.aspx Geotextiles, grids, and drainage
Tensar Earth Technologies, Inc. http://www.tensarcorp.com/ Geo grids and stabilization
Western Landscape & Geotextiles http://www.weedbarrier.com/ Geo Textiles, weed barrier